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Topic: We Chat to The Division 2's Game Director David Kennedy
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Who tells us about the three C's of what it feels like to play The Division - which are camera, controls, and combat. And how these informed the development of the sequel. Alongside community feedback and improving on everything that has come before.

Plus, how the move to a summery Washington D.C. informed a world that's more alive and full of survivor's going about their day. A snippet.
AusGamers: How much have you changed the outskirts and really broken up that corridor or that alleyway-style level design?

David: Yeah, so hopefully you saw some of it already but Washington D.C. gives us a much bigger and more varied playground so we have a lot of biomes, a lot of environments that are different, than New York and Manhattan would be. So there's a lot more open spaces, there's a lot of residential, commercial, government, monument type areas so there's a lot of variety in the world first of all just naturally. And then the setting being in summer time makes it feel a lot different too. I think the colours and the overall feel would be different.

And then, some of what you were playing today was what we call a living world system and that has, each faction has their own needs and their own goals and they're moving to the city and it's being simulated outside of the area the players will, where factions will move between locations to the control points and their influence is constantly changing throughout the city.

Click Here to Read Our Full Interview with The Division 2's Game Director
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