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Topic: Let's Celebrate the Feats of Strength, and the Airing of Gri...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7962
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Well, like most of you, we're clocking off for the next week to celebrate the Holidays and enjoy some much-needed sun, food and (hopefully) sweet, sweet presents. We'll be dropping in occasionally with pertinent news posts, and if you can't be bothered checking the site, remember to check out our Twitter and our Facebook where we'll be updating any new posts.

As always, a massive thanks goes out to you, our readers, for chiming in and helping keep us relevant and passionate. We've had a huge year where we represented Australia as one of three official judges for the Best of E3 Game Awards, and the end of year The Game Awards. We had one of our biggest Reviews years in AusGamers' long history (thanks largely to Kosta), with a huge focus on hardware alongside Indies and Triple-As. Our Features were also through the roof thanks to the continued support of publishers and developers giving us first class access to their projects to help us share their games with you, through our professional lens.

And just what a year in gaming. Honestly, 2018 gave something incredible for everyone.

We'll be back in the New Year, but if you're bored over the break, drop us a note in the Comments on what your favourite gaming-related thing was in 2018, and what you might be playing into 2019 as part of Holiday Sales, presents or just a basic Shame Pile.

Be safe, have fun and we'll see you in 2019.

Massive thanks,

The AusGamers crew.

Posts: 119
Location: South Australia

Merry Xmas Ausgamers, cheers for another year of interesting gaming content. Have a good one all.
Posts: 16894
Location: Cairns, Queensland

GOTY or GTFO Steve

Back to work!
Posts: 24205
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Merry Christmas everybody!
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7966
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

GOTY or GTFO Steve

Back to work!
Actually, from New Year's day Kosta and I will be delivering our top 10 (or 11) games for the year each day for the following 10 (or 11) days :)
Posts: 16895
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Posts: 957
Location: Other International

I had a s*** year but I hope yours was better than mine.

Much hate,

notGreazy (f*** greazy)
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