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Topic: The Ultimate Nintendo Fighting Experience? Super Smash Bros....
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7956
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Yeah, it's been out a little over a week now, but we got plebbed with a retail release review code and this is a big game. So not having earlier access to the its myriad modes, numerous characters and more than 100 stages has meant we're a bit late to the review party. But, we have a Super Smash Bros. expert at the writing helm of this one, so if you haven't made the Ultimate plunge yet, check out Toby's in-depth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review.

Also, importantly, the extra time has allowed him to fully focus on the network side of the game where competitive online play is involved, which is something that is usually better tested after a game has been released out in the wild. So the belated delivery has an upside.

Here's a snippet from his review:
The one major issue I have with Ultimate is a fairly fundamental piece of the puzzle, and that’s the game’s online component. The constant latency issues have been hard to endure, and hurt the experience quite a bit. However, some matches I played were almost picture-perfect in terms of lag, so to say it was hit and miss would be a bit of an understatement. It’s the worst I’ve seen a first-party Nintendo game perform online in some time, though, I’m hopeful we’ll eventually get some sort of fix down the line. As it stands right now, playing competitively online can be a torturous task.
Click here for our full in-depth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review.
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