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Topic: At the End of its Tether? Just Cause 4 | Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7940
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Just Cause 4 essentially rounds out the year as far as releases are concerned, alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (review incoming, we got the game very late). And it also presents players with yet another open-world to lose themselves in, but is having an open playspace enough, or has the series finally reached the end of its tether?

Well, that depends on what you play Just Cause for in the first place, but as the fourth entry in the series we're definitely starting to feel the strain on wanting to stay inside its physics-heavy gaming walls. Here's a snippet from our review:
"It’s hard to pinpoint the space in which Just Cause 4 falls short of the series’ history. I mean, it’s fun. Like, a lot of fun. Tethering baddies together and then putting boosters on them to watch them flail about in the air with crazy physics is fun. Sickly. But fun. And when you tether multiple baddies together and repeat the process, the resulting offensive maneuver is borderline torture. And it shouldn’t be as fun as it is. But it is.

But how long this ‘fun’ is sustainable for against the sheer size of the game and its ridiculous rehashed narrative is difficult to quantify. On the one hand, the game’s physics and systems allow for some pretty incredible experiments, while in-game as you’re playing properly, emergent outcomes because of these systems does keep the action fresh. But the missions themselves become pretty repetitive pretty quickly, and Rico as a one-man army is all but invincible -- a deliberate design tilt for sure; Avalanche wants you to feel both powerful and capable, all while having fun. But this negates any sense of challenge.
Click here for our Just Cause 4 review.
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