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Topic: Like a Glove - Sennheiser GSP 550 PC Gaming Headset Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7906
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We've been utilising Sennheiser's latest in their GSP series, the Sennheiser GSP 550, which brings a number of changes to the PC Gaming Headset space, not the least of which is 7.1 Dolby surround, and a lot of comfort.

At a higher price that brings what could be argued as some of the best wired PC headset design to the space, the GSP 550 is a Ferrari where audio is concerned. Here's a snippet from our review:
What you get with these admittedly high-priced beauties is one of the most comfortable options on the market with open-ear design, a tough outer casing that is easily adjustable to any head size thanks in large part to a dual-axis hinge system and an adjustable headband. They’re also surprisingly light, and even after a few mammoth four and five-hour plus PC gaming sessions, there was little-to-no ear and head pressure. Honestly, these are the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever adorned.

Add to the comfort factor a true 7.1 Dolby in-ear experience, controlled with a simple button and dongle combination, as well as a noise-cancelling broadcast mic that delivers clear audio if you’re broadcast inclined (it’s also just fantastic for group chat, especially if you have noisy kids), and what you have is one of the better wired PC gaming headset options delivering on all three important cylinders: comfort, high-end audio and excellent broadcast and chat.
Click here for our full Sennheiser GSP 550 review.
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