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Topic: E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Looks Weird, And That's OK
Posts: 2252
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Try and imagine what looking at Super Mario Bros. for the first time in 1985 might have looked like. A plumber jumping on the heads of weird creatures in turtle shells, and hitting a block to make a mushroom appear. That when eaten makes him grow. Definitely weird. Which is why a lot of what we see in the E3 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has us excited. Using a sentient hat to possess and dive into the body of a giant dinosaur? Yeah, definitely weird.

And what could be a lot of fun, with Super Mario Odyssey representing the first proper 3D Super Mario game since the Galaxy series on Wii.

There's so much weirdness in this clip that it's hard to know where to begin. From the New Donk City stuff that shows Mario becoming a tank, through to creating a tower of Goombas for some reason. And it all looks like fun. And perfect for a new Mario game -- where in the past, the unexpected has always led to greatness.

Super Mario Odyssey has a release date of October 27 for Nintendo Switch.
Posts: 23808
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Looks pretty fun, this and Metroid prime could be enough to tip me into buying a switch
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