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Topic: Connecting Your Nintendo Switch to Another TV Without Moving...
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Expected at launch but delayed due to production constraints, Nintendo Australia has finally dropped word that the Nintendo Switch Dock will go on sale May 26 for $129.95. Basically everything but the Switch unit itself, the separate dock will come packed with an AC adapter and HDMI cable. Described as "ideal for those with multiple TVs." And those willing to spend considerable money to avoid moving cables.

Now, in principal we like the idea of an additional dock. And the Nintendo Switch is a great console that we're still playing regularly (thanks Zelda for being so massive, and awesome!), but there's no denying that when it comes to the dock portion of the console Nintendo cut a few corners in its construction. Compared to the unit it looks, well, kinda cheap. And really only acts as a plastic charger and HDMI hub that lets the Switch run with a higher clock speeds to reach 1080p output.

That being said, we're still interested in picking one up. Because, well, the Switch is damn good.
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Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

That is offensive.

Nintendo should just sell the plastic dock and HDMI Cables separately (as they already do with the AC power pack) if you straight up remove the AC Adapter @ full RRP, Nintendo want you to pay $89.90 for the HDMI Cable (which is nice, but not say $20-30) and then the single PCB contained in what I can only describe as 'disposable' plastic dock.

I'm a little bit baffled that I've not been reading about people who 3D printed their own design for a dock and simply grafted the PCB from their OEM unit.

You were doing so well to Nintendo... why let us down now?
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

I'm a little bit baffled that I've not been reading about people who 3D printed their own design for a dock and simply grafted the PCB from their OEM unit.

There's a ton of this going on, the switch subreddit has been flooded with posts and designs.

I Lego'd a bedside stand one with an ebayed tablet gooseneck so I can play undocked-but-charging , without trying to use the wimpy kickstand or having to hold it.
Posts: 2078
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Hog... that looks.... very cool
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Location: Other International

That is awwesome. I'd pay $50 for a make your own switch stand lego set... if I owned a switch
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Location: Other International

IT come from reddit:
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

It's still overpriced by 20-30 bucks imo... but probably not as bad as you'd think.

What I'd really like is the ability to just plug it in with a USB C > HDMI cable. Just for quick games at other people's places. I don't need a whole dock for that.
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