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Topic: The New York Times Reports on Star Citizen's $148 Million in...
Posts: 2051
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

With a title "Video Game Raised $148 Million From Fans. Now It’s Raising Concerns." you might think that it was a bit of a Star Citizen hit piece from the New York Times. Sorry, I mean 'Failing New York Times'. Thanks Donny. Anyway, the piece is a great primer into the frankly staggering success of Star Citizen's crowdfunding, and how it slowly has become one of the most ambitious games currently in development.

Development that currently has no end is sight, or even, solid information on when we can expect to get a 'retail' version of the game or its cinematic spin-off Squadron 42.

The feedback from backers is mostly positive, and reasonable.

For Matthew Slattery, 18, a Star Citizen backer from South Australia, the idea of being able to play the game while it was still in development was a big draw. He has pledged about $100 to date.

“Getting to learn the process of game development, communicate with the developers and ask questions directly to the best in the field is a very rare opportunity,” Mr. Slattery said.

With even those concerned with the development content with what they've gotten so far in terms of content. Think of it as a Star Ctizien primer or refresh. Check it out.
Posts: 565
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Backed Star Citizen yonks ago. I'm actually more concerned about the state of Elite Dangerous these days than I am about Star Citizen. I wonder if that's just a lost cause thing for SC or if I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. E:D on the other hand, it's doing the DayZ thing to me. They're going in directions I'm not crazy about.
Posts: 1850
Location: Central Coast, New South Wales

I dropped less than the price of a full game at the start ($45 bucks I think?) and I've already had my money's worth from it.

At this point, if it's never finished, I'm content with my purchase :)
Posts: 73
Location: South Australia

Enjoy watching the regular updates on Youtube. After a slow start it's fascinating to watch them develop across five studios worldwide and pushing many boundaries. Seem to now be on top of it with significant 3.0 release scheduled for the end of June.
Posts: 23777
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I'm a bit suprised, Star Citizen backers are more patient than I expected. I would have thought with no actual game by now or even an end in sight. people would be demanding refunds and jumping ship.

Its easy to be ambitious and have big plans and big ideas, anyone can come up with ideas, executing on that ambition and those ideas and producing an actual real product is the important part, and thats an area Chris Roberts has had plenty of trouble with in the past and appears to be having trouble with yet again. If all it took was ambition and big ideas, Peter Molyneux would be the greatest game developer of all time.
Posts: 12219
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I forgot this game was even in development...
Posts: 5311

The original date set for release was probably expecting a far less amount of funding. I'm a backer and im fine with development taking longer for a game with more features. I know if i was Roberts i'd do the same.
Posts: 6253
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Yep I'm a backer as this rate I think we might actually be living in space when the game gets released. :) Still, history has shown it was the crazy visionaries that often preempted stuff, even if they didn't achieve it themselves.
Posts: 2682
Location: Queensland

I backed it but I have not been paying much attention to it in the past 2-3 years lol. I wonders what has happened with it.
Posts: 191
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

3.0 release is close now and that will be the first iteration of the planet landing. getting closer and closer :P
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